About Us

There are three types of people in this world we call home.

The first is Chaos. They break every rule they can. They leave dishes all over the place. They don't use coasters on wooden tables. They cut into the turn lane at the very last second and think themselves clever. They cut in line every chance they get.

The second type is the natural enemy of Chaos. They are Order. Theyr are diametrically opposed to Chaos in every conceivable way. They pick up behind strangers to make the place look better. They fight to prevent rule breaking. They organize against the rising tide of entropy.

The third type constitutes the vast majority of people. They are Neutrals.  Holding no true polarity, Neutrals can be compelled, coerced, and convinced into either side. In a world full of organization and neatness they will be neat. In a world of disorder and randomness they will behave accordingly. 

At Line Dividers we are a group seeking order one line at a time (or queue if you're from across the pond).

You have a store or restaurant that needs proper crowd control?

We have the solution for you!

Hosting a festival or concert?

We can keep your throngs of partygoers safe and orderly.

Managing a construction project?

We will give you all you need to ensure the flow of traffic is optimal.

Where there is Chaos we strive to provide a solution to bring your location to the side of Order. 


We can provide any line control, crowd management, or work site safety equipment you need. Not sure what you need or can't find it? Please reach out to us at 1-800-288-2832 or via email at sales@linedividers.com