Flagger Station & Work Area Lighting

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The Flagger Station and Work Area Lighting is a high intensity lighting device to work after the sun goes down with no difficulty. It is composed of a battery base with an aluminum extension mast, stainless steel legs, lamp head and a waterproof case that makes this a complete set for a transportable battery-powered light.

Features and Benefits:

  • 8 foot light elevation for working in any space regardless of the available light
  • Collapsible aluminum extension mast that locks at the desired height
  • Retractable cable that prevents trips and arrangement complications
  • Lamp direction is adjustable and independent
  • The battery last 500+ charges nad comes with a one year replacement warranty
  • Can start vehicles with clamp style jumper cables
  • Yellow LED flasher added for safety
  • Waterproof case makes this ideal for any weather conditions
  • Lifetime warranty on light heads that ensure a long-lasting usage of our product
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Flagger Station and Work Area Lighting is a device constructed to solve any temporary lighting need for working under any weather condition safely. It comes in a complete set with everything you might need.

It is design to be easy to transport and place while also being extra durable and efficient. From the dual LED light with life-long warranty to the waterproof case this device can save time and money in any working and provide protection to workers.

Made in the USA

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Technical Specifications:

  • 8 foot light elevation
  • Stainless Steel legs
  • Lamp heads independently
  • Battery rated for 500+ charge cycles
  • Charge with clamp style jumper cables
  • DC Power Port - external 12 VDC power
  • Weatherproof case
  • Lifetime warranty on light heads
  • One year replacement warranty on battery and charger

Dual LED Light 

Flagger Station & Work Area Lighting

  • 4000 Total Lumens
  • 24 Watts, 2 amps, for the two heads
  • Full Charge Run Time: 14+ hrs. with both light heads on - 25+ hrs. with one light head on
  • Storage Dimensions: 26”H x 17”W x 8”D
  • Weight: 44 lbs.Internal Battery Specifications
  • 12 VDC sealed 35 amp AGM lead acid battery
  • Built-in 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • UL approved 3 amp charge system
  • Safely stored/operated at -40ºF to 140ºF
  • Recommend continuous charging when light is not in use - if fully depleted, may require 24 hours to fully recharge

Light Head Specifications

Flagger Station & Work Area Lighting
  • IP-68 rated dustproof and waterproof
  • 60º beam pattern
  • Anodized aluminum frame with a polycarbonate lens

115 VAC power and DC to DC power cords included

Technical Documents and Certifications:

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