Solar 3-Way LED Barricade Light with Battery Option

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This Solar 3-Way LED Barricade Light with Battery Option is a Type A, C barricade light designed for heavy climate conditions and impact absorption, with the option of flashing. It also comes without solar assist, both lights have high-efficiency LEDs to ensure vision at night time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solar power ensures long-lasting battery life while being more ecological and efficient.
  • The Photocell Sensibility makes this device maintenance-free.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and install
  • The 3-way ensures you get adequate light for any moment since it can steady burn, flash, or stay off
  • Batteries last up to 8 months with the solar assist option and 4 months with the regular option
  • Impact-absorbing breakaway candle make this light extra durable
  • The moisture-proof circuit permits the light to perform under heavy weather conditions, perfect for the outside
  • The Rugged copolymer case ensures quality and durability
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A

This Solar 3-Way LED Barricade Light with Battery Option is a safety ensuring accessory for our Barricade collection designed specifically to provide higher visibility on construction areas exposed to heavy weather conditions. It is easy and quick to apply, and offers three settings to complete any barricade set: steady burn, flashing, or off.

The solar option makes this barricade light extra long-lasting with an up to 8-month battery life, the regular option can last up to 4 months. The rugged copolymer case makes this light durable and impact absorbing.

    Made in the USA 

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    Technical Specifications:

    • Type A, C, and 3-way light for nighttime use.
    • 3 Volt high efficiency LED light
    • Uses 2-4 “D” cell batteries
    • Batteries drop into the base and snap into the case
    • Moisture-proof circuit
    • Rugged copolymer case
    • Standard tamper proof mounting bolNCHRP-350 accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards
    • Internal solar panels in Solar Assist trickle charge batteries to add life

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