4" Smooth Bollard Covers

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Smooth BollardGard ™ bollard covers are the better option to provide protection for steel bollards, a fresh and visible look through their bright yellow color, and a smooth surface from top to bottom. They are fast and easy to install at indoor or outdoor places.

Features and benefits:
  • 4” Smooth bollard covers are constructed from thick high-density polyethylene that makes them durable giving a long service life.
  • Smooth bollard cover is available in a bright yellow color, which makes the steel bollard look better and more striking to look at. It also makes the bollard cover visible from long distances.
  • Its installation with GripperTabs provides security to bollard covers in a fast and easy way. 
  • Bollard cover is UV resistant and guaranteed against fading and cracking for 5 years.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our bollard cover's main feature is to protect and enhance old and new steel or wood bollards. A bollard can normally deteriorate because of cracking, chipping, rusting or fading by weather, being paint and manual maintenance the only way to repair it. So if you do not want to waste more time trying to repair bollards, our bollard covers are the best solution to your problems, because they will transform your old and deteriorated bollard with a new fresh look in a few quick and easy steps, and ensure a longer life for newer bollards.

Our bollard covers are made with durable polyethylene, that in addition to its high visibility, also provides UV protection from cracking. These bollard covers are installed with GripperTabs™ that provide a tight installation that cannot be easily removed. For safety reasons, bollard covers offer bright colors that make the bollard cover visible from long distances.

Made in the USA

    If you would like to request a quotation for large quantities of this or any other products, please email us at sales@linedividers.com or call us at 1-800-288-2832

      Technical Specifications:
      • Diameter: 4.7” inside diameter/4.95” OD
      • Length: 52”, 64”, & 72" outside height
      Note: Some bollards do not have a standard height. For this reason, we can create custom lengths for you. Simply call or email us and we will get you squared away.
      • Wall thickness: .125” wall thickness HDPE
      • Material: HDPE
      • Accessories: Gripper Tabs included for installation/Foam installation available for non-standard sizes
      • Bollard Color: Yellow
      • Warranty:  5 year warranty against cracking and fading


      First step: Install 3 or 4 self-adhesive Gripper Tabs on the top of the bollard with "fingers" pointing downwards, and then install 3 or 4 more near the bottom of the bollard. If the space between the bollard and the cover is small, use 3 Gripper Tabs evenly distributed around the bollard. To fill more space, use 4 Gripper Tabs at the top and bottom.


      Second step: Install Bollard cover over Gripper Tabs. Gripper Tabs provide a solid anchoring that cannot be easily removed.

      Third step: Admire a job well done!

      How do I measure my bollard cover?

      We have a few options for you:

      1. If you have a tape measure handy, we recommend two methods.  The first method would be to measure straight across the top of the pipe, this works better if the surface is flat and not overfilled with concrete.  The second method would be to find the diameter dividing the circumference by π (Pi number = 3.14) so you can choose your Bollard cover in an easier way. (Example: if the circumference is 14", you will have to divide it by π and the result would be 4.46", so you will need our 4” bollard cover for your post.)
      2. Another option would be to print our template at 100% and use it as a guide.  Once you have printed the template, place it on the top of your pipe and follow the guidance to determine your bollard cover size.  (This works better if your pipe is flat across the top and does not have doming because of filling with concrete.) 
      3. The last option we offer you would be to use sizing rings, contact us and we will provide them with pleasure After receiving these rings, they can be placed on top of the pipe for testing. Keep in mind that they may not be strongly fixed, but no worries!  Because all of our bollard covers come with Gripper Tabs or foam strips to secure the bollard cover.

      When measuring the height of steel bollards, we recommend adding 2-4" to the length of the bollard cover to take into account the inconsistency of the concrete "dome" and the height of the steel bollards. The uniform height of the bollard cover can achieve the best appearance installation around a property or facility.

      Bollard cover Sizing Guide
      Mechanical Drawings

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