Airport Barricade Solar 360º Light

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This Airport Barricade Solar 360º Light is a flashing light composed of 4 LED bulbs with photocell sensitivity designed for the Lo-Pro Airport Barricade. It ensures high visibility at night time making any airport zone safer for workers, pilots, and pedestrians.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solar power ensures long-lasting battery life while being more ecological and efficient.
  • The Photocell Sensibility makes this device maintenance-free.
  • The 4 LED bulbs make this light high intensity.
  • The 50-55 flashes per minute make this light extra attention-grabbing.
  • Easy Installation, no bolts needed.
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Airport Barricade Solar 360º Light is a safety ensuring accessory for our Lo-Pro Barricade designed specifically to provide higher visibility on airports, runaways, and road construction areas. It is easy and quick to apply, needs no maintenance, and has a longer battery life than most barricade lights.

The automatic photocell sensibility, 50-55 flashes per minute, 4 LED bulbs, and the screw-in system makes it easy to handle, durable and superior to regular barricade lights that need application hardware, manual turn-on and charging.

Made in the USA 

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Technical Specifications:

  • Photocell sensitivity - 100-250 lux
  • 50-55 flashes per minute
  • Brightness - 4.5 candelas

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