Car Stop Parking Block

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The Car Stop Parking Block is a traffic control device made of long-lasting Recycled rubber resistant to weather, moisture, salt and oil, with reflective striping, available in white or yellow, made of road marking tape which ensures high visibility at all times. Available in 6’ or 4’, can be installed on concrete or asphalt permanently or temporarily with our installation hardware.

Features and Benefits:

  • Recycled rubber - Won't chip, crack, or crumble
  • Reflective stripes in yellow or white for all-day visibility
  • Protected from UV light for sun exposure during the day
  • Use in parking lots and garages to delineate spaces
  • Protects garage walls, delineates spaces
  • Install on asphalt or concrete - Installation Hardware  sold separately
  • Proudly made in the USA
The Car Stop Parking Block is an efficient device made to withstand heavy traffic and protect any parking space by providing order, protecting walls, pedestrians and vehicles. Made of recycled rubber that won't chip, crack, or crumble, this car stop is resistant to aggravating factors like weather, UV rays, moisture, oil and salt making it long lasting and maintenance free.
The incorporated road marking tape strips ensures high visibility at any hour and no need for re-painting like traditional car stops, they come in yellow or white. Designed to be useful and easy to transport, this car stop is ideal for a one person installation, it comes with pre-drilled holes and is the quickest, most durable and economical option for any need.

Made in the USA

Car Stop 

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Technical Specifications:

• Available in 6 foot and 4 foot lengths
• Weight: 6'- 40 lbs, 4’ - 30 lbs.
• Material: Recycled rubber
• Reflective stripes in yellow or white
• Protected from UV light
• Installation Holes: 6’ - 4, 4’ - 3
• Dimensions: 72”L or 48”L x 6“D x 4.5”H
• Install on asphalt or concrete

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