Installation Hardware for Concrete and Asphalt

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Installation Hardware available for concrete and asphalt that can be used in speed bumps, humps and car stops. Made of a strong and durable metal that ensures any product will stay in place. Each piece includes an adequate washer to make any task simple.

  • Asphalt Hardware: 1 piece each of 14" x 1/2" rebar spike and 5/8" washer
  • Concrete Hardware: for Bumps & Humps - 1 piece each of 4 1/2" lag bolt, 2" lag shield, 1/2" washer, for Car Stops - 1 piece each of 6" lag bolt, 2" lag shield, 1/2" washer

This Hardware is recommended for Car Stop Parking Blocks, Premium Textured Rubber Speed Bump, Standard Rubber Speed HumpPremium Textured Speed Hump & Standard Speed Hump.

Made in the USA

Open Top Delineators

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