Colonial Ground Pole

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The Mr. Chain's Colonial Ground Pole is an operational, cost-effective, and easy to handle solution for controlling crowds. They are available in two varieties of highly visible colors that can create strong visual barriers to ensure order in various outdoor environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • These are light and easy to handle and install.
  • Colonial Ground Poles are constructed of a strong lightweight high-density polyethylene that makes them durable giving a long service life.
  • Ground Poles are available in different stock colors, which make them look better and more striking.
  • This ground pole contains UV inhibitors to prevent colors from fading for five years guaranteed.
  • Easy to stack for efficient storage and transportation.
  • Recyclable plastic containing nontoxic chemicals.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

These ground poles are designed to stick to the ground in any outdoor setting. The ball top includes two c-hooks that allow you to attach a plastic chain (not included) to make an effective visual barrier to control crowds in parks and green areas, which will not fall due to the winds.

Made in the USA.

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