Heavy Chain Swag Barrier with Snap Hooks

Heavy Chain Swag Barrier with Snap Hooks

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Polished Stainless Steel

Our Heavy Duty Chain brings an industrial style look to your party, concert, and nightclub for effective and contemporary crowd management in these high traffic areas.

Features and Benefits:

Please allow 5 business days for processing as these are custom cuts per order. All chain includes two snap hooks. Please also make sure to measure the distance between the posts or wall mount hook. Then add 5-15% depending on how low you want the chain to hang.

Note: These chains like other rope products are not returnable.

Two ways to order; You choose.

1st option. Measure the length you want. (see above). The complete chain with snap hooks will be made to that length and shipped to you.

2nd option. Now sure how long you want your chain? Pick a length longer than you need. We will cut that length and add only one end. The second hook will be included separately. You have to have or acquire the tools to cut and weld links. Adjust the length to the desired length and add the second end. Weld the links back together.

Made in the USA

If you would like to request a quotation for large quantities of this or any other products, please email us at sales@linedividers.com or call us at 1-800-288-2832