ProDividers Outdoor Yellow Retractable Belt Stanchions

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Safety Stripe

Organize the crowds in style at your outdoor event with the ProDividers Outdoor Yellow Retractable Belt Stanchions. 


  • Bright yellow finish ensures that the queue is highly visible both for safety and for organization.
  • 11.5 ft belt (2 inch wide) allows you to save money by having good separation in between each stanchion.
  • Slow retracting spring mechanism prevents injury securely and retracts slowly to prevent any potential injury from careless crowds.
  • Plastic and recycled rubber constructon is not only robust but also avoids any type of rust in the elements.
  • 14 inch recycled rubber base has easy to carry handle to make set up and take-down of your event a quick and relatively painless process.
  • 4-way connectors at each stanchion and easy assembly make it a cinch to set up your crowd flow in minutes.
  • Heavy 32 lb stanchions will not move in even heavy winds and are difficult for children to tamper with.

The ProDividers Outdoor Retractable Belt Stanchions are the perfect solution for all of your outdoor events where high-visibility is a must. These high luster yellow satin plastic posts look as good as indoor posts with the added value of never rusting regardless how merciless the elements are. The heavy construction means that these can withstand high gust winds. Despite this heavy weight, the built-in carry handle in each post makes it so that moving these from one event to another is not a headache and can be accomplished with minimum man power. Finally, the recycled rubber base is resistant to scuffs and scrapes while not maintaining a minimum carbon footprint. 

If you have any questions about these or any outdoor crowd control solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out at 1-800-288-2832 or via email at


*Price is per 1 post.

 Note: price is for 1 stanchion.

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