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Fluorescent Orange
Lime Green

This PVC Traffic Cone is a channelizer designed to grip the pavement on any construction site, airport, highway, or runaway. Their reflective sheeting and attention-grabbing color make this cone extra visibly from long distances and provide protection to workers, pedestrians, and vehicles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fluorescent colors ensure visibility and won’t fade away
  • One piece design that stays together even when hit
  • High quality PVC that makes them durable and reboundable
  • Base designed to grip the pavement so they won’t blow over
  • Handgrip at the top for easy transportation and placement
  • Many sizes and colors available to adapt to any work
  • Easy to stack for efficient storage and transportation
  • Stenciling available for easy recognition
  • Can be weight down with our Cone Weights and connected with our Cone Bars, both sold separately
  • MASH Accepted (without attachments)
  • Meets MUTCD Standards
  • Proudly made in the USA

This PVC Traffic Cones are designed to be long-lasting and extra visible, composed of polyvinyl chloride in fluorescent orange or green with high quality reflective sheeting in High Intensity Prismatic Grade. Built to resist impact and heavy wind this cones adapt to any construction site and provide an easy one-man quick application.

They can be interlocked with our telescoping cone bars to delineate specific spaces and weighted down with our cone weights to resist heavy winds and stay in place.

    Made in the USA 

    Navicade 28" Channelizer

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    Technical Specifications:

    • Cone and base composition: PVC - polyvinyl chloride
    • Color: molded throughout fluorescent orange or green
    • Retroreflective Sheeting: High Intensity White Collars in 4” and 6”
    • One-piece design
    • Designed to grip the pavement
    • Handgrip at top.
    • Available on 28" & 36" cones
    • Stackable
    • Customize with your logo
    • MASH Accepted
    • Meets MUTCD Standards

    Technical Documents and Certifications:

    State Reference Guide
    Learn more about traffic product certifications and specifications for your state.

    AL QPL
    Certified for use:
    36" cone is certified for use.

    No QPL
    AK Standard Specifications
    AK Standard Drawings
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    AZ State Supplement
    AZ Traffic Control Guidelines
    AZ Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    AR Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    CA QPL
    CA State Manual
    Certified for use

    CO QPL
    CO DOT
    CO Work Zone Devices
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    DE DOT
    Certified for use

    Florida QPL
    Florida Standard Specifications
    Certified for use:
    36", 12 lb. cone is Certified for Use. Approval 102-005-029 must be visible on the cone.

    GA QPL
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    HI Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    IL State Supplement
    IL Standard Specifications
    IL Design Standards
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    IN State Manual 2011
    IN Work Zone Devices
    IN Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    IA QPL
    IA Traffic Safety Manual
    Certified for use:

    KS QPL
    KS Standard Specifications
    KS Special Provisions
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    KY Standard Specifications
    KY Standard Drawings
    Approved Materials
    Certified for use

    LA Approved Products
    LA QPL Drums
    LA Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    MD QPL
    MD State Manual
    Certified for use:
    28" and 36" Cones are certified for use.

    Minnesota QPL
    MN State Manual
    MN Work Zone Devices
    MN Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    MS QPL
    MS Standard Drawings
    MS Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    No QPL
    MO State Manual
    Standards and Specifications
    Certified for use

    MT QPL
    MT Standard Drawings
    MT Manuals and Specifications
    Certified for use

    NE QPL
    NE Standard and Special Plans Manual
    Certified for use

    NV QPL
    Certified for use

    New Hampshire
    No QPL
    NH DOT
    NH Notes to MUTCD
    NH Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    New Jersey
    No QPL
    NJ Standard Drawings
    NJ Roadway Design Manual
    NJ Standard Specifications
    Certified for use

    New Mexico
    No QPL
    NM Standard Specifications

    New York
    No QPL
    NY State Supplement
    NYSDOT Standard Drawings
    NY Standard Specifications

    North Dakota
    No QPL
    ND Work Zone Devices
    ND Standard Specifications

    OH APL
    OH State Manual
    Temporary Traffic Control Manual
    Traffic Control for Work Zones Guidelines

    OK QPL
    OK Work Zone Devices
    OK Standard Specifications

    OR QPL
    OR State Supplement

    Rhode Island
    No QPL
    Approved Materials List
    RI Standard Details
    RI Standard Specifications

    South Dakota
    No QPL
    SD Standard Specifications

    TX Compliant Work Zone Devices
    Texas MUTCD
    TX Standard Traffic Drawings

    UT APL
    UT State Manual
    UT Work Zone Devices
    UT Standard Specifications

    No QPL
    VT DOT

    No QPL
    VA Roadside and Safety Devices
    VA State Supplement

    WA QPL
    WA State MUTCD
    WA Design Standards
    WA Traffic Manual
    WA Standard Plans

    Washington DC
    No QPL
    DC Standard Specifications
    DC Temporary Traffic Control Manual
    Certified for use

    West Virginia
    No QPL
    WV State Supplement
    WV Special Provisions
    WV Standard Specification

    No QPL
    WI State Supplement

    No QPL
    WY Standard Work Zone Devices

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