Soft Padded Column Wrap

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The Soft Padded Column Wrap is the better option to provide protection for car doors and other minor impacts against light pole bases, columns in parking garages, and warehouses. It also adds visibility for pedestrian and vehicular traffic through its bright and highly visible colors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Our Soft Padded Column Wrap  is custom sewn with polyethylene foam core,10 oz reinforced rip-stop nylon cover, and two 2” high visibility reflective bands. 
  • With our Cushioned Column Wrap you will add visibility for pedestrian and vehicular traffic and protect car doors against impacts.
  • Padded covers have a durable outer nylon shell and a dense foam interior.
  • The Covers and reflective tape are available in different stock colors, that makes the Column Wrap  highly visible and more striking to look at.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our Soft Padded covers are custom sewn with ½” polyethylene foam core, 10 oz reinforced rip-stop nylon cover, that in addition to its high visibility, also makes it waterproof, mold/mildew proof and fade resistant.  

For safety reasons padded covers offer bright colors and two reflective tapes that makes it visible from long distances. Cushioned Column Wrap is ideal for parking facilities, shopping malls, gas stations, warehouse stores and restaurants; you will prevent car doors from minor impacts!

Made in the USA


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Technical Specifications:

  • Height: 44”
  • Width: 36”/48"/60"/72"
  • Core: ½” thick, closed cell foam
  • Material: 10 oz Nylon reinforced rip-stop; waterproof, fade resistant
  • Accessories: Velcro attachment
  • Material color: Black or Yellow
  • Reflective:Two 2” red or white sewn reflective bands
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects

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