Two-Way Collapsible Yellow Bollard 2"x6"x36"

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These Two-Way Collapsible Bollards are the best option to provide safety for pedestrians and vehicles, minimizing traffic hazards and also ease the flow of it. Their bright yellow color makes them highly visible from long distances and they also include reflective hazard labels to increase visibility.

Features and benefits:
  • Two-Way Collapsible Bollards have a concave post top which provides an easy and secure grip so you can safely lift and lower the bollards.
  • Manufactured with high-quality steel from USA that provides them highest durability and functionality.
  • Their bright yellow color makes them highly visible.
  • Two-Way Collapsible Bollards include reflective hazard labels to increase its visibility.
  • The fold-down bollard collapses in two directions for ultimate functionality.
  • Base plate accepts 3/4” anchors.
  • Two-Way Collapsible Bollards include 3/4”x6” hot dipped galvanized hinge pin and hot dipped galvanized lock pin standard.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our Two-Way Collapsible Yellow Bollard main feature is to ease the flow of traffic and minimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic hazards. The advantage of a collapsible bollard is the option to permit or prevent traffic through an area at any given time. Its yellow color and reflective hazard labels make the Two-Way Collapsible Bollard highly visible from long distances.

Made in the USA

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Technical Specifications:
  • Size: 2”x6”
  • Height: 36”
  • Wall thickness: .25” wall thickness
  • Base: Galvanized ground sleeve
  • Material: Steel
  • Bollard Colors: Safety yellow
  • Accessories: S.S. shims, tools, grease and padlock are not provided

    Removable Bollard Options for Your Application

    Removable bollards are the best option for your facility if you need to block a roadway (temporarily or permanently) but allow for emergency vehicle access, or maybe if you need to protect doors and docks outside of delivery times. There are some options of Removable Bollards for your application:

    Magnetic vs. embedded

    If your installation process is unable to accommodate embedding, our magnetic bollard may be the better option for you. These bollards remove quick and easy with a special tool to break the magnetic seal. Magnetic bollards could also be a good choice if your installation requires a flexible bollard being that our Gorilla Posts can flex up to 360 degrees.

    HDPE removable bollards are able to resist a vehicle impact without shattering and are resistant to corrosion, but are light enough to easily move when you are in need of changing traffic restrictions.  The embedded portion of the bollard is galvanized steel and will withstand years of use, with a resistant galvanized cap that creates a flush surface with the pavement and prevents water and debris from entering the bollard. This bollard would be the right choice for your facility if you need an easy to remove bollard that is able to resist light vehicle impacts and nasty weather.

    If you´re looking for something even sturdier, a stainless or powder coated steel removable bollard might be your best choice.

    These two options are made from a heavier material able to resist more force and also provide the same embedding options and flush surface when the bollard is removed. The steel construction can make them more difficult to remove due to weight, but the mechanics of the bollard are just as easy to use.

    Fold down vs removable

    If you don´t want to physically remove bollards, a fold down bollard might be the best option for your needs. Fold down bollards allow you to unlock the padlock, fold it down and permit foot or vehicle traffic. These fold down bollards are made from durable steel which is able to easily resist a bump from vehicles and nasty weather.

      Mechanical Drawings

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