Warehouse Rack Protectors w/cutout

Warehouse Rack Protectors w/cutout

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The Rack Sentry® protector is the better option to protect your rack uprights against collisions with forklifts. Its bright yellow color makes it highly visible, and it has an easy and fast installation.

Features and Benefits:
  • Our Rack protectors are constructed from EVA material, which makes them flexible and resistant. 
  • Our Rack protector has an exclusive design that absorbs impact by flexing and returning to shape to work again.
  • The bright yellow color gives your racks a highly visible layer of protection that can be easily installed without tools.
  • Equipped with hook and loop fasteners.
  • The unit installs directly to the rack upright, without the need to drill into the floor and put stress on it.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our Rack protector's main feature is to add a flexible and highly visible layer of protection to your racks, which is incredibly resistant to impacts and very easy to install. For installation, simply remove the hook-n-loop nylon strap, set up the correct size of Rack protector and reattach the strap around the upright. The nylon straps are over-length in case of obstruction behind the upright.

Rack Sentry® has been tested to a limit of 3mph (5km/h) using a 5,000 lb. (capacity) forklift without any visible damage to the rack upright, forklift, or product.

Rack protectors are available in a number of sizes to fit most uprights. If you need to protect an area whose temperature is below 0°C, we recommend the use of Rack Sentry LT (Low Temperature).

Made in the USA

If you would like to request a quotation for large quantities of this or any other products, please email us at sales@linedividers.com or call us at 1-800-288-2832

Technical Specifications:
  • Measurements: 
- 4”x3” opening x 18” tall with an overall width of 6.25” and a 6” offset cutout 5” from one end
- 3”x3” opening x 18” tall with an overall width of 5.25” and a 6” offset cutout 5” from one end
  • Material: Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Material color: Federal Yellow
  • Warranty: 30 day limited warranty on all products with regard to manufacturing

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