X-treme Duty Stanchion

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Mr. Chain's X-treme Duty Stanchions are an operational, cost-effective, and easy to handle solution for controlling tough crowds. They are available in 3 varieties of visible colors that can create strong visual barriers to ensure order in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • These are easy to handle and install on paved surfaces due to their wheeled base.
  • The base has a 2-gallon bladder that can be filled with water to add weight and stability.
  • The X-treme duty stanchion is available in 3 different stock colors, which makes it look better and more striking.
  • These stanchions contain UV inhibitors to prevent colors from fading for five years guaranteed.
  • Easily attach plastic chains to the keyhole top to create strong visual barriers.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

The X-treme duty stanchion is perfect to use with our plastic chains (not included) to establish line order or restrict access to certain areas to protect people and property. These stanchions are ideal to be used outdoors, they can stand in windy areas since due to their weight they will not give up their position.

Made in the USA

If you would like to request a quotation for large quantities of this or any other products, please email us at sales@linedividers.com or call us at 1-800-288-2832

Technical specifications:

  • 5” diameter
  • Keyhole slots on the top
  • C-Hooks.
  • 19" base with 2-gallon bladder.
  • Overall weight is 9 pounds. When the base is filled with water the weight increases to 27 pounds.
  • Overall height is 46.5" when assembled.

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